Friday, November 27, 2009

Vineyard Workers Needed!

Dear prayer partner(s):

As we are nearing the completion of our first draft of the Lighthouse Commentary on the New Testament, we’re praying for a Publisher and Editor to come forth to share in this service for our Lord Jesus in preparation for His Kingdom to come.

First, if you’re interested in becoming a contributing Editor, express it by emailing us at In Early July of 2010, we will snail mail a copy to you as we should be finished by that time. You can then “red line” the copy and mail it back to us.

Secondly, we will then send it to an interested Co-publisher for typing (final draft). If this is something you would like to do, please contact us as we will get this final draft to you for production sometime around the end of September.

If neither of these duties sound like something you would be willing to take on, please keep this project in your prayers, just the same. All active participants will receive credit whether their work is only partially utilized [Ibid.: Rom 12:1-8].


Mark Seay

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